Photography Club reminder:
You won't want to miss our next meeting - Monday, March 22, 7:00pm at the Library in Lincolnton.
Kenny Brackett will be presenting "What's in your bag?" He will be sharing some of his gadgets as well as favorite lenses and filters.
Don't forget to post your scavenger hunt photos on Flickr and request to be included in the Lincoln Photography Club group. Just mention that you are a member of the club when you request to join.
Also, we've had to make some changes on the dates of our field trips. The trip to East Lincoln historical sites has had to be changed from Saturday, March 27th to Sunday, March 28th. We will meet at 1:30 in the afternoon. More information will be given at the club meeting. We didn't actually have a field trip planned for April, but some of you may be interested in going out to the Lowery's Alpaca farm. Kathy is open to having visitors on either the 10th or 17th. She cannot accommodate a lot of people at one time, so we can talk about it at the meeting and/or call her to schedule. That information will be given at the club meeting as well. If you want to look up information about Alpaca farms, go to The Lowery's have a link to their page, their farm is called Morning Glory farm and is in West Lincoln. Also, the May 1st field trip to South Mountain is being changed. We will discuss a different date at the meeting.
Be sure to mention the club to your friends who are also interested in photography. We have over 20 members, now, which I think is great for our first year as an organized club. I've heard many people say they've heard about us through word of mouth, so talk it up!!
One last thing - this Friday - the 19th is the Art Crawl in downtown Lincolnton. Some of our members will have their work displayed and for sale. I believe the time is from 5:00-9:00pm. Come on out and enjoy the evening, and remember that "Art Crawl" was one if the items on our scavenger hunt for this month.
Any questions, comments or concerns just let me know. You can respond to this email or call me at 980-241-0188


A misty morning on Lake Junaluska won for Charles Mize the First Place award in the Cleveland County-Lincoln County Silver Arts component of Senior Games.


Libby Mize won the Third Place award in the Cleveland-Lincoln Silver Arts with her photo of the St. Simon's Island Lighthouse.


Art Crawl event is slated for March 19
by: Sarah Grano

Downtown Lincolnton businesses and Lincoln County artists will come together for the Art Crawl Downtown Lincolnton on March 19.

“I’m excited. I think all the artists are excited,” said Kae Wright, whose work will be featured at Rusty and Company and Treasures on Main.

“After the response that we had from last year’s art crawl, I think that everybody wanted in on it after seeing how well received it was.”

The event will begin at 5:30 p.m. and will feature the work of more than 50 artists displayed in 38 downtown businesses. Photography, woodworking, painting, pottery and more will be featured.

“I’m impressed by the number of artists in Lincoln County and the quality of art,” said Jason Harpe, director of the Lincoln County Historical Association.

The event is being organized by the Arts Council of Lincoln County, the Lincolnton Lincoln-County Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Development Association of Lincolnton and the Lincoln County Historical Society.

“It’s a collaborative effort,” Harpe said.

Last year’s event, which was the first of its kind, was organized by Lincoln County citizens Karen Banker, Sarah Paris and Mary Whisonant.

“We’re trying to follow the success of the Art Stroll from last year,” Harpe said.

In fact, downtown art crawls may begin to happen once every quarter rather than just once every year.

“If people enjoy it and there’s enough support for it, we could do it even more frequently than that,” Harpe said.