March 28th Meeting

March 28
Upcoming Meetings and Field TripsDave Kelly, a contact made at the Art crawl,  will be speaking in near future may also do a field trip or a class.
April meeting will be at Kenny's studio. On 213 North Aspen for next month.

The library  will be doing renovations so we will meet at Kenny's studio for the next few meetings. Please check your email, blog, and Facebook for updates. 

April 9 - Belmont Abby
May 21st Mendalhall gardens UNCCDavid Hopkins will share websites

May - Seth Mabry
June- Robert Dant

Other opportunitesApril 16-17  Lock Noman- Rural Hill
Beaty's ford RD

Dues 36 dollars / yr.

We currently have 23 members and a balance of  $735.99.

We have brochures and business cards.

Other informationOur State Magazine - photography contest

Ari Miller teaching a photography class at the Lincoln Cultural center.

Program:Speaker Kenny Bracket Lighting

There are many flashes available from cheap ones purchased on bay to very expensive ones. Kenny demonstrated a Wireless trigger 3 for under 100.

Defuser - to tone down flash
Both Nikon and Cannon use itti which performs the same way. It performs ashutter release fires a small light and adjusts light for the flash as shutter opens.

Best to use single point metering to make it meter on the focus.
Be sure not to attach an old flash on your camera.
Safe Sync will prevent old flash on your camera.

On board camera flash extension cord to adjust flash. $35 with all the functions.

Flash used correctly can reduce shadow.

If you have questions about flash please use the club email to send him a question. 

Art Crawl

Club Members Display Photographs at the Art Crawl
 (photographs compliments of Melany Dawn Crouse)

Judy and Stan

Leigh Ann

Roger and Kathy

February 28th Meeting

Meeting called to order by president Judy Brosder. Other Officers present
Janice Still - Treasurer
Kathy Goodson - Secretary


  • Calendars - Two Left $20.00\
  • Purchased a Club display board. We will have display board which we will use at the Art Crawl. We will be at the LEDA office on Main street near 5th/3rd bank. We will display tables in a large room. So far the Goodson's, Heather, Judy will display. Leigh Ann will be set up there to sell.We have a brochure with club info.  Each person will need to stay for 30 minutes. 
  • Field trips 
      • March 19 Buffalo Beals - 3:00
      • Belmont Abby April 9th - Jon Arrowood may know someone to allow us in the chapel
      • May 21 Mendlehall

Program - Favorite Gagets and Gizmos

  • Judy- pistol grip
  • Leigh Ann - white cap to set White balance. Strap cloth that she made using bike clips.
  • Kenny - USB wireless adapter to shoot directly to camera.Camera strap - rapid strap
  • Wayne - Diffuser white- Gary Fung $65 for both. Also has other colors -Dog strap for handle
  • Mark - Rain bag sleeve $10
  • A mode gps to gps  the photos then import into Software $70
  • Polarizer
  • Uv filter
  • Kathy - bird feeder for  photos and bean bag

Club members then shared items for sale or swap!

Vivian Maier - photos from Chicago

Suggested Photo Ops 

  • Barns of Lincoln County
  • Historic Churches
  • Doors
  • Gates
  •  Goldhill 1824 original old buildings

Visitors and members  introduced themselves and shared photo interests.