Message from Judy Broesder, the Lincolnton, NC United States (downtown) Photo Walk Leader is below:

Hey everyone. I'm excited about our photowalk, however, I am concerned about the heat. Bring lots of water!! Also, I will have a map with the locations of the buildings that will be open and the times they will be open. If anyone feels they need to drive instead of walk to those locations because of the heat, that will be fine with me. I just want everyone to have a good time despite the heat. I also want everyone to be safe. Hopefully we will be able to get into the cultural center in case anyone needs to use the restroom. I will confirm that later in the morning. We do have space reserved at Court Street Grille for meeting after the walk at 9:00pm. I hope everyone will take advantage of some time to relax in the A/C!!
Looking forward to seeing everyone.


Just a reminder about this month's activities. There will be NO monthly meeting at the Library this month. In place of the meeting, we are participating in the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk on Saturday, July 24th. The last I checked, we had close to 20 sign up for the walk. Again, we plan to meet in town at 6:15pm this coming Saturday (24th). I did change the start location to meet at the Citizen Center parking lot since we'll be ending up right there on the court square. I did reserve some room at Court Street Grille to meet there at 9:00pm. I hope everyone will stay at least for a few minutes so we can relax and share our experiences. I will have a map for everyone with the route we'll take and the times listed that some of the buildings will be open for taking photos.
I'm excited about the walk and I'm planning for rain or shine!! If it does rain, we should still be able to go inside the buildings for photos. If it's not raining hard, we can still get good photos outside. If necessary (because of rain) we will adjust the walk. It does look like it will still be hot, so you'll want to bring some water with you. Also think about everything else you plan to bring because you will have to carry it the whole time.
If you want to come and have not yet signed up, please sign up at:
Everyone is welcome! If you need or want to bring your kids, that's fine, too. Maybe they'd like to model for us! Just be sure you know where your kids are at all times - the rest of the group will not be responsible for them.
If you have any questions, be sure to ask!
See you soon,