Upcoming Meeting July 25th

The Photography Club will be meeting on July 25th at the Lincoln Cultural Center at 7:00.

Our meeting will be a planning meeting and a contest for members. The topic for the contest is "Summer Fun". All members are invited to enter a 8 x 10 matted photograph. Please put your name on the back only. Looking forward to seeing you at our meeting. Come with your "Summer Fun" photo and lots of ideas for future meetings.

 The Lincoln Cultural Center as generously agreed to sponsor our club meetings free of charge. Their meeting rooms have mounted projectors and screens available for our use.

June 2011 Meeting

Our guest speaker for our June 2011 meeting held at the Lincoln Cultural Center was Robert Dant. Robert is owner of Hickory Photography as well as an instructor at Catawba Valley Community College. Even though Robert has many areas of expertise his topic tonight was Stock Photography.

First Robert always gets permission of people he uses in his photography. He uses two agencies. Photos cannot have copyright violations such as a company name or item in the photo. It must be a high quality photograph.

There are two types of stock photography: Rights management and royalty free. 

Some companies that do stock are:Istockphoto
Rf. Almay

 A website for more info is:Microstockgroup.com.  Pulse of the industry 

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Submit samples 
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Quality of photo
Save jpeg 12

Sappy sells
Shoot upload repeat
More and more images

Work your subject
Compose a photo two times horizontal and vertical 

Change clothes
Change position
People images sell
Shoot your friends
Shoot your family
Diversity sells

Shoot your hobbies
Shoot trends
Kids doing stuff!
Boys being boys
Girls being girls

Request forms
Paper work for any model- permission to use photo

Email the model a photo

Trade for pictures 

Trcd-trade for Cd

Paid a percentage of sale price

Agencies want you to be exclusive 
Pay more for exclusive

Demand for smaller photos grew so photographers go for micro

Equipment - 

Scanner film and flatbed 

Flat items 
Cannon g9 12mp

Cannon7d 18 Mp

Key words
Individual words related to the image

May Meeting

Sorry for the delay posting the notes from May and June Meetings.

May - Our guest speaker for our May meeting held at the Classic Image studio was Seth Mabrey. Seth works for the Lincoln Times News as their head photographer. His topic for tonight was sports photography.
Seth Mabry.

 Seth emphasized using a fast shutter speed faster than 250 to stop sports motions with an Aperture of 2.5 - 3.5. He says it is better to underexposed to freeze motion then adjust post production. A shallow depth of field is best as the background can be distracting. Panning is another good way to get a great sports shot but panning is a practiced skill. Hand holding is usually best for photography but a monopod can help. The better your lens the easier it is to freeze the action without flash. However, using flash will illuminate the subject not the crowd. If using flash be sure your batteries are fresh. Best to use rechargeable batteries with back-ups. 

Other hints include - Lock on center focus, don't shoot people at the foul line, take some dugout shots, golfers are distracted by the camera sounds, take some warmup shots. To shoot  shoot through a fence set your aperture as low as you can.