Hope all our club members entered the Art's Council of Lincoln County photography contest. Winners will be announced January 6th. The gallery at the Cultural Center will be open for visitors. Please send a small copy of your entry to me and I will post on our blog.

Photography Display at the Lincoln Apple Festival

Roger and Kathy Goodson's

Judy Broesder
Doreen Sugierski
Janice Sill
Jon Arrowood
Carole Lake

September Meeting

Our next meeting will be January 23rd at 7:00 in the Community Room at the Lincoln Cultural Center. We would like to invite the community to bring in any new cameras they received for Christmas and our club members will assist you in learning how to use your camera and how to take better photos. Spread the word so we can help as many folks as possible.

Next Meeting August 22

Our next meeting is August 22, 2011. We will be meeting at the Lincoln Cultural Center at 7:00. The Cultural Center is located at the corner of Main Street and Cedar St. Please enter through the Cedar St. door. We will be meeting on the second floor. Please use the stairs or elevator. Signs will be posted to direct you to the meeting room.

Our topic for the meeting will be how to make Photo Books as well as our club pages on the Internet at Facebook, Flickr and our Blog.

Upcoming Meeting July 25th

The Photography Club will be meeting on July 25th at the Lincoln Cultural Center at 7:00.

Our meeting will be a planning meeting and a contest for members. The topic for the contest is "Summer Fun". All members are invited to enter a 8 x 10 matted photograph. Please put your name on the back only. Looking forward to seeing you at our meeting. Come with your "Summer Fun" photo and lots of ideas for future meetings.

 The Lincoln Cultural Center as generously agreed to sponsor our club meetings free of charge. Their meeting rooms have mounted projectors and screens available for our use.

June 2011 Meeting

Our guest speaker for our June 2011 meeting held at the Lincoln Cultural Center was Robert Dant. Robert is owner of Hickory Photography as well as an instructor at Catawba Valley Community College. Even though Robert has many areas of expertise his topic tonight was Stock Photography.

First Robert always gets permission of people he uses in his photography. He uses two agencies. Photos cannot have copyright violations such as a company name or item in the photo. It must be a high quality photograph.

There are two types of stock photography: Rights management and royalty free. 

Some companies that do stock are:Istockphoto
Rf. Almay

 A website for more info is:Microstockgroup.com.  Pulse of the industry 

Become a contributor

Sign in
Apply- read training Manuals
Apply -quiz
Submit samples 
3 sample 
Looking to see if you follow size rules
Quality of photo
Save jpeg 12

Sappy sells
Shoot upload repeat
More and more images

Work your subject
Compose a photo two times horizontal and vertical 

Change clothes
Change position
People images sell
Shoot your friends
Shoot your family
Diversity sells

Shoot your hobbies
Shoot trends
Kids doing stuff!
Boys being boys
Girls being girls

Request forms
Paper work for any model- permission to use photo

Email the model a photo

Trade for pictures 

Trcd-trade for Cd

Paid a percentage of sale price

Agencies want you to be exclusive 
Pay more for exclusive

Demand for smaller photos grew so photographers go for micro

Equipment - 

Scanner film and flatbed 

Flat items 
Cannon g9 12mp

Cannon7d 18 Mp

Key words
Individual words related to the image

May Meeting

Sorry for the delay posting the notes from May and June Meetings.

May - Our guest speaker for our May meeting held at the Classic Image studio was Seth Mabrey. Seth works for the Lincoln Times News as their head photographer. His topic for tonight was sports photography.
Seth Mabry.

 Seth emphasized using a fast shutter speed faster than 250 to stop sports motions with an Aperture of 2.5 - 3.5. He says it is better to underexposed to freeze motion then adjust post production. A shallow depth of field is best as the background can be distracting. Panning is another good way to get a great sports shot but panning is a practiced skill. Hand holding is usually best for photography but a monopod can help. The better your lens the easier it is to freeze the action without flash. However, using flash will illuminate the subject not the crowd. If using flash be sure your batteries are fresh. Best to use rechargeable batteries with back-ups. 

Other hints include - Lock on center focus, don't shoot people at the foul line, take some dugout shots, golfers are distracted by the camera sounds, take some warmup shots. To shoot  shoot through a fence set your aperture as low as you can.

April. 25th Meeting Notes

Photo Club Notes April 25

Field Trip - May 21 Mendenhall Gardens at UNCC parking area across from the park. Building near there for parking permit. Meet at 9:00. Goodson will try to call and find out our parking permits.

Upcoming Speakers

  • Seth Maybrey-  Sports photography
  • Robert Dant - Stock photography
  • David Kelly from Daniel Stowe maybe in September. Understanding Histograms. Also we might sponsor a class

Field Trips
 - summer
Scott Kelby Photo Walk???? Sunrise or 8 - 10

June 14-15th Frank Lusk Park antique car show. 30-40
Austin Healy, Jags
Foreign sports car

Mooresville car show

Rusty Cars

Gold Hill - interesting place

Night walk in Charlotte

Night shot of downtown Charlotte

Need Suggestions for some type of community support.

Program - Macro Photography

Next Meeting

The Lincoln Photography Club will meet on April 25th at 7:00 PM. The meeting will be held at The Classic Image located at 213 North Aspen

March 28th Meeting

March 28
Upcoming Meetings and Field TripsDave Kelly, a contact made at the Art crawl,  will be speaking in near future may also do a field trip or a class.
April meeting will be at Kenny's studio. On 213 North Aspen for next month.

The library  will be doing renovations so we will meet at Kenny's studio for the next few meetings. Please check your email, blog, and Facebook for updates. 

April 9 - Belmont Abby
May 21st Mendalhall gardens UNCCDavid Hopkins will share websites

May - Seth Mabry
June- Robert Dant

Other opportunitesApril 16-17  Lock Noman- Rural Hill
Beaty's ford RD

Dues 36 dollars / yr.

We currently have 23 members and a balance of  $735.99.

We have brochures and business cards.

Other informationOur State Magazine - photography contest

Ari Miller teaching a photography class at the Lincoln Cultural center.

Program:Speaker Kenny Bracket Lighting

There are many flashes available from cheap ones purchased on bay to very expensive ones. Kenny demonstrated a Wireless trigger 3 for under 100.

Defuser - to tone down flash
Both Nikon and Cannon use itti which performs the same way. It performs ashutter release fires a small light and adjusts light for the flash as shutter opens.

Best to use single point metering to make it meter on the focus.
Be sure not to attach an old flash on your camera.
Safe Sync will prevent old flash on your camera.

On board camera flash extension cord to adjust flash. $35 with all the functions.

Flash used correctly can reduce shadow.

If you have questions about flash please use the club email to send him a question. 

Art Crawl

Club Members Display Photographs at the Art Crawl
 (photographs compliments of Melany Dawn Crouse)

Judy and Stan

Leigh Ann

Roger and Kathy

February 28th Meeting

Meeting called to order by president Judy Brosder. Other Officers present
Janice Still - Treasurer
Kathy Goodson - Secretary


  • Calendars - Two Left $20.00\
  • Purchased a Club display board. We will have display board which we will use at the Art Crawl. We will be at the LEDA office on Main street near 5th/3rd bank. We will display tables in a large room. So far the Goodson's, Heather, Judy will display. Leigh Ann will be set up there to sell.We have a brochure with club info.  Each person will need to stay for 30 minutes. 
  • Field trips 
      • March 19 Buffalo Beals - 3:00
      • Belmont Abby April 9th - Jon Arrowood may know someone to allow us in the chapel
      • May 21 Mendlehall

Program - Favorite Gagets and Gizmos

  • Judy- pistol grip
  • Leigh Ann - white cap to set White balance. Strap cloth that she made using bike clips.
  • Kenny - USB wireless adapter to shoot directly to camera.Camera strap - rapid strap
  • Wayne - Diffuser white- Gary Fung $65 for both. Also has other colors -Dog strap for handle
  • Mark - Rain bag sleeve $10
  • A mode gps to gps  the photos then import into Software $70
  • Polarizer
  • Uv filter
  • Kathy - bird feeder for  photos and bean bag

Club members then shared items for sale or swap!

Vivian Maier - photos from Chicago

Suggested Photo Ops 

  • Barns of Lincoln County
  • Historic Churches
  • Doors
  • Gates
  •  Goldhill 1824 original old buildings

Visitors and members  introduced themselves and shared photo interests. 

Art Crawl Opportunity

Is anyone interested in putting some photos in the LIncoln Art Crawl? The date is Friday, March 18th from 5:30-9:00pm. I know some of you have been to the art crawl in Lincolnton - most of the downtown businesses are open and have artists showing their work in the stores and offices. It's a great way to get your name out. I mentioned at our last meeting that the Lincoln Economic Development Association (LEDA) office would like to have the photography club display photos in their office. I met with the woman from the office and looked at the room. There are several nice tables in a large conference room. So what I had in mind was one table for the club to do a display with information about the club, then whoever wanted from the club could display their own work on the other tables. So far, I plan to use a table, Roger and Kathy will use a table, Heather Rontii will use one or two, and possibly Janice Still. There will be no wall space for hanging photos, they will all have to be placed on the table, so you can either lay them flat or use easels. They don't have to be framed, but at least matted. The tables are about 6' X 30" and are very nice looking. You can put a table cloth on the table if you want, but they are nice enough that you wouldn't have to.
Set up will have to be that afternoon (need to be done by 5pm). I think most everyone takes everything down that night also. Depending on who all is interested, I will make a schedule for those of us displaying at LEDA to take turns "manning the displays."  There are 7 half hour slots, so if at least 7 us want to do this we will only have to be there for a half hour each.
Also, the LEDA is providing refreshements, so we won't have to worry about that at all.

I hope several of you will take advantage of this opportunity to display your work and promote the club at the same time - no cost to you!!!

You can send me an email letting me know if you are interested. Also, I'll make another announcement at our next meeting and see who's interested then.


January 2011 Meeting

Club President,Judy Broesder, welcomed members and visitors to our January meeting. She presented a monopod to Roger Goodson, winner of our club photography contest. Members discussed future programs and potential field trip options. We will be planning a field trip every other month with suggested trips including a local animal park, the Daniel Stowe Garden, Stone Mountain, a junkyard, Asheville Arboretum, Mendenhall Gardens at UNCC,  Old Salem and a west Lincoln trip. Any members with field trip or guest speaker suggestions please contact Judy Broesder or Kathy Goodson. Check the blog for updates on these upcoming trips.

Our program this month we practiced our photographic skills by critiquing several members photos. We looked at the photos for composition, content, subject placement, clarity, sharpness, and other attributes of the "perfect" photo.

Visitors and persons interested in membership are welcome to our club meetings. We meet the 4th Monday of each month. Our next meeting will be Feb. 28th. We meet at 7:00 pm at the Charles Jonas Public Library Community Room in Lincolnton, NC.