ATTENDANCE: Judy Broesder, Stan Broesder, Charles Mize, Libby Mize, Heather Rontti, Janice Still

OFFICERS: Officers elected at the last meeting were President - Judy Broesder ; Vice President/ President-Elect - Joe Hughes; Secretary - Kathy Goodson; and Treasurer - Janice Still. Joe Hughes has asked that he be replaced as Vice President/ President-Elect. Judy has contacted another member of the Steering Committee about replacing Joe, but she has not received a response. In the absence of Secretary Kathy Goodson, the minutes are being taken by Libby Mize.

MEMBERSHIP: President Judy Broesder and Treasurer Janice Still have opened a club checking account. The opening balance is $216.00. There are eight dues-paid members at this time: the six persons in attendance plus Kathy Goodson and Russell Hull. Many others have shown interest and perhaps will be able to attend the meetings after the summer.

EXHIBITION: The Lincoln Photography Club will exhibit photographs in the entrance hallway of the Charles R. Jonas Library in Lincolnton during the month of September. Each dues-paying member may exhibit 2 or 3 photographs. The photos – no larger than 8” x 10” - should be matted, but not framed. There was discussion on the best way to hang the photographs on the library wall, including nails in the metal strips, paper clips and pushpins, removable plastic hooks, and two-piece hook and eye fasteners. Members must bring their matted photographs to the August 24 meeting of the Photography Club, and these mounting suggestions can be tested at this time. There will be a sign indicating that the photos were taken by members of the Lincoln Photography Club. Since the display will be up during the library’s annual book sale during the Lincoln County Apple Festival, the public will be made aware of the club.

COMPETITIONS: Judy reminded the group of her e-mail about the Catawba Valley Camera Club’s Image-ination Competition. Information is on the club’s blog,
www.lincolnphotographyclub.blogspot.com. This photo competition is open to the public. This club has a monthly contest on an assigned subject, without prizes. Then they have a yearly contest for members, with prizes. Our club will decide in September the direction our club will go in regards to sponsoring competitions among ourselves or for the public.

AUGUST SCAVENGER HUNT: The club members suggested the following topics for pictures in August:
(1) VEGETABLE xxxxxx(4) OLD BUILDING xxxxx(7) ROCKSxxxxxx
(2) FRUIT xxxxxxxxxxx(5) A SIGN xxxxxxxxxxxx(8) CLOUDS

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (10) FRUSTRATION

SHARING THE JULY SCAVENGER HUNT: The last topic, “frustration,” was applied to a contrary laptop.
The club members took their flash drives to the library to share their scavenger hunt photos. It was fun to see the various interpretations of the month’s topic and the talent of our fellow members.

RECRUITING NEW MEMBERS: Invite people taking pictures to join the club. Put the announcement of club meetings in the newspaper. Call those who have attended and remind about the next meeting. Judy has had cards printed with her name and the club information. We can distribute some of her cards or make our own. Tell people about Flickr site and blog site. Be proactive about the club.

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