Notes on the February 22nd Meeting
The Steering Committee (Judy, Heather, Kathy, Janice, David) met and came up with some plans for future meetings
March 6: Stowe Botanical Gardens – “Picture Perfect”
March 22: Kenny: “What’s in Your Bag”
March 27: Field Trip to East Lincoln Historic Sites - Machpelah Church, Mariposa Bridge, Vesusius, Round Barn, Tuckers Grove Camp
April 26: David: Photographing Water
May 1: Field Trip to South Mountain Park
July: Photo Walk around Lincolnton

Program - “How to Take Better Pictures” - Basics of Photography: Six Rules of Composition
Presenter: John Arrowood
Composition: have the picture say something
1. Focal Point
Central point of interest
Draw the eye
Make image stand out
2. Rule of Thirds
Tac-tac-toe board
Horizon on one of the horizontal lines
Not symmetrical
3. Golden Section
Where vertical and horizontal lines cross
Four on a page
Create distance and direction
Color or contrast change
4. Diagonal Lines
Objects fall or follow a diagonal
Not an actual line, but objects line up diagonally
Three parallel lines corner to corner
5. Leading Lines
Roads, paths, streams, rows of trees
Straight or meandering, mystery: where does it go?
High contrast
6. Framing
Depth or impact
Tree branch on one side
Archway, window frame
Foreground object creates interest
Foreground can be in focus, background out of focus (low f-stop = shallow depth of field) 2.2, 2.5
Combining Composition Rules
Not limited to only one rule
Apply multiple rules if not forced
Don’t be afraid to break rules!
Don’t consult rules before taking a photograph. Just take your best shot!.
Close-up, farther out, angle, from below, from above

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