April 26, 2010 MEETING

CALL TO ORDER Kathy Goodson called the meeting to order as President Judy Broesder was absent


Welcome to everyone and Visitors.

Kenny Brackett was thanked for his wonderful presentation last meeting.

Upcoming field trip to South Mt. - meet at the gate at South Mt at 8:00. 8:05 group will stop at ranger station and wait 5 min for everyone to gather and drive on up to the parking area.

We discussed meetings to be lengthened to 7:00 – 8:30.

We discussed upcoming meetings – May guest speaker Brian Osborn, June – Night photography, fireworks and the moon, July – 100 step photo walk, August field trip on Sat. 14th in lieu of August meeting meet at 6:30 am for photo shoot in West Lincoln

We discussed the Scott Kelby photo walk. Judy will continue to try to find out more about this.

EXHIBITION: Upcoming Farmer’s Market – 111 photos were donated to sell. Kathy and Roger Goodson will be selling at the Denver Farmer’s Market Sat. May 1. Judy and Stan Broesdner will sell May 15 at Lincolnton Farmer’s Market. Kathy Goodson will make brochures with composition guides and hints for point and shoots. Also a bookmark with interesting photo sites in and around Lincoln Co.

SCAVENGER HUNT: not discussed


David Hopkins gave a talk about shooting water He talked about composition, aperture, shutter speed ISO and shutter speed.

Here are more of David’s suggestions”

· Wear old clothes, old shoes, sandals. Use an umbrella or something to keep the lens from getting wet. Have something to clean or dry your lens as waterfalls have lots of droplets around them.

Don’t just set up your tripod and start shooting but walk around look for unique angles. Squat and climb up on rocks and get wet. Just be careful as mists are a problem getting your lens wet and it will be slick especially in winter.

· Avoid straight on shots. Shoot from an angle, many different angles. Look for interesting shots.

· Some NC/SC waterfalls David likes are Hanging Rock- lower cascades, DuPont state park High Falls, Catawba Falls . Pickens County SC Twin waterfalls, Reedy River

· Aperture settings

· ISO – Lowest on your camera 100

· Shutter Speed ¼ sec and work your way up to 30 seconds

· Longer the shutter is open the more light comes in.

· Try some filters Neutral Density and Polarizer

· Use Bracket mode to get multiple exposures without having to change any settings

· Set the increments

· Use Timers or remotes

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  1. How can I get more information about this club? My husband and I just recently purchased a Nikon E-520 and would like to learn more about taking photos. Thanks,
    Mandi McClure