Hi everyone,
The next meeting is September 27th at 7:00 pm. Our meetings are the 4th Monday of the month. If there is any change, I will be sure to let you know. For instance, the meetings for November and December are being combined and will be held on December 6th. More info on that later down the road.
I want to let you all know what's on the agenda for next week. Mr. Rich Sampson from The Great Frame-up will be speaking. He owns the framing shop in Huntersville (Birkdale Village). He has a power point presentation with lots of great info on framing your photos. It's hard to believe there is that much involved with framing, but there is a lot! I think he will have a lot of good info and will be interesting.
The Steering Committee met and came up with some great plans for the next several months. We have some field trips planned, and a contest, so you'll want to be at the meeting next week so we can share this info.
Don't forget to pay your dues - $36 per person, $60 for couples and $18 for students. You can write a check to Lincoln Photography Club and give that to Janice Still (treasurer) at the meeting.
Hope to see you then,

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