Halftone Image. An image reproduced through a special screen made up of dots of various sizes, to simulate shades of grey in an image. Normally used for magazine or newspaper reproduction of images. It is also how modern inkjet printers work. Half toning or dithering are the methods used to produce a smooth gradation of color versus distinct bands of color or moiré patterns.
Histogram. A histogram is a bar graph analysis tool that is used to identify contrast and dynamic range of any image. Histograms are found in the more advanced digi-cams and software programs (graphic editors), such as Adobe Photoshop 7, CS or Elements, and are used to manipulate images. The histogram shows a scale of 0 - 255 (left to right) with 0 being black and 255 being white.
Hot Shoe. A flash connector generally found on the top of the camera that lets you attach an external flash unit and trigger it in sync with the cameras shutter.
Hue. A term used to describe the complete range of colors of the spectrum. Hue is the component that determines just what color you are using. In gradients where you use a color model in which hue is a component, you can create some rainbow effects.

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