Optical Viewfinder. An eye level viewfinder that is used to compose the photograph.

Optical Zoom. Means that the camera has a real multi focal length lens, this is not the same as a "Digital Zoom" which magnifies the centre portion of the picture. Optical zoom gives better quality than a digital zoom.

ORF. (Olympus RAW format). The un-processed image format created by modern Olympus Digital SLR's and high end Digital cameras.

Orientation Sensor. A special sensor in some cameras that can tell when you turn the camera round to portrait orientation to take a vertical shot. It also tells the camera to display it that way later when viewed on a monitor or TV screen during playback.

Overexposure. This is an image that appears much too bright. The highlights and colors are totally lost and usually unrecoverable even by top software. Either the shutter speed was too long or the aperture was too wide.

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