Macro. Lenses with this feature can focus very close (less than 8") for taking pictures of small objects at a 1:1 ratio.

Matrix Metering. Most digital cameras have a matrix metering option which uses 256 areas of the frame to calculate the best overall exposure value.

Megapixel. This is the CCD (or CMOS) resolution of one million pixels. Digital cameras are commonly rated by Megapixels. You multiply the horizontal resolution by the vertical resolution to get the total pixel count. For example 2590 x 1920 = 5 Megapixels.

Memory Stick. A flash memory card type from Sony. They resemble a stick of chewing gum and vary in size.

Memory Stick Pro. The year 2003 upgrade to Sony's Memory Stick flash cards. The new MS Pro cards are available in 256MB, 512MB and 1GB capacities and offer faster read/write times. All of Sony's digital cameras made in 2003 or after can use MS Pro cards.

Metering. Metering is used to calculate the exposure from the existing light conditions. Includes Matrix Metering, Spot metering and Center-weighted metering.

MMC. Multi-Media Card. A flash memory card used in some digital cameras and MP3 players. The MMC is identical in size and shape to the Secure Digital (SD) flash cards.

Moiré. A visible pattern that occurs when one or more halftone screens are mis-registered in a color image. Often produces a colored checkerboard (or rainbow) pattern.

MP. Abbreviation of Megapixel, i.e. 5MP or 8MP.

Multi-Pattern Metering. Exposure is determined by reading many different zones in the frame. This gives a more optimum exposure than those cameras using just a central zone metering system.

Multi-Point Focusing. The autofocus systems uses several different portions of the image to determine the correct focus.

Multi Zone Focusing. Many digital cameras now offer multi zone focusing. The camera will automatically determine which zone (centre, left, right, upper or lower) to use to perform the auto focusing. You no longer have to make sure that your subject is in the centre of the viewfinder in order to be correctly focused.

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